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Live & Learn is more than just affordable, to-the-point self-help guidebooks and audio files. You can also purchase my three full-length books:

The Self-Esteem Solution
The Breakthrough Plan to Overcome Obstacles, Determine Your Destiny & Pursue Your Extraordinarly Life

Why do others seem to have it all effortlessly, while you struggle? Are they naturally more deserving of exciting careers and rewarding love relationships? What is the real reason for their success and happiness? By following the effective and straightforward strategies in this book -- tailored exactly to your personality and learning style -- you will learn how to eliminate the one common barrier to enjoing a meaningful, deeply satisfying life.

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spirit messages book

It Will All Make Sense When You’re Dead
Messages from our Loved Ones in the
Spirit World

My first book about mediumship is chock-full of simple and entertaining wisdom, showing us how to live for today, with light hearts and kindness. The latter half of the book has exercises to help you develop your own spirit communication abilities -- techniques I've used myself to develop my abilities and my business!

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spirit messages book

Nobody Gets Out Of This Alive!
More Messages from our Loved Ones in the Spirit World

The messages in this book inspire us to embrace the notion that
although our physical journeys will one day end, life continues,
love survives, and all is forgiven. After all, as the spirit people
remind us continually, Nobody Gets Out Of This Alive! You'll find several free guided meditations throughout this book.

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You might be wondering what makes Live & Learn Guides different from every other self-help book on the shelves. I won’t guarantee that just by purchasing or reading these guides that your whole life will change for the better (unlike some famous and not-so-famous authors of self-help books). You might be thinking to yourself, “Oh really? So why buy it?”

Because you can’t get fit watching someone else exercise!

You can’t create change in your life by reading about it, attending seminars, or watching someone else. You can only do it by doing it. You can’t create success unless you take action. You can’t lose weight, quit smoking, develop abilities and talents or overcome obstacles unless you do something.

You learn new habits and skills by taking action and practicing. So what makes this book different are the two simple things you’ll find in every Live & Learn Guide: a guarantee and a succinct set of directions – a formula for living and learning.

First, the guarantee: you will be taught everything I know, and you will be taught how to do the exercises just as I do them, in such a way as to be able to measure your progress. I want you to know as much as I do about every subject covered by the Live & Learn Guides.

Second: A succinct set of directions which forms the basic layout of every Live & Learn Guide. No matter what subject interests you, when you buy a Live & Learn Guide, you can rest assured that at the top of the first page you will see a bulleted list of what you can expect to learn; you’ll read some background about each topic in the list, read case studies of real clients, do several exercises in order to practice and see results; and finally you’ll see that same list item at the end of its section, clearly outlining what you have just learned.

You may notice on the order form or here on the website that almost every book has an audio file of a similar name. It is not necessary to purchase both. The Live & Learn Guide books are exercises; the Live & Learn audio files are self-hypnosis guides. They are different products, and do enhance one another, but if you choose to purchase just the Guide book, you will be buying a totally complete product, which will deliver on its promise. If you decide to purchase only the audio file, you will have an interactive experience that is separate and distinct from the Guide book, yet complete in its own right.


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